• construction outside
  • after launching August 2008
construction outside

construction outside

after launching August 2008

after launching August 2008

Another alteration of the successful "19800tdw" design initially built at Qingshan Shipyard in Wuhan, China now adopted for construction in Russia. Vessel is under construction at Amur Shipbuilding Plant at Amur River in Far East Russia. Basically the design comprises the same features as the vessels built in China only that all vessel are with coated tanks.

As these are no sister vessels any more the complete classification process had to be passed once more.

Length over all 164,34 m Deadweight all told 19700 t
Length between p. 154,37 m Cargo tank capacity 23386 m
Breadth moulded 23,00 m Main engine power 7900 kW
Depth to maindeck 12,80 m Speed at design draught 15,50 kn
Draught moulded 9,55 m

Technical Details

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