• OPDR Porto
OPDR Porto

OPDR Porto

A series of sixteen ships, build in China for Fisser & van Doonum, Schulte and OPDR. The Type of Vessel is also known as " Yangtse Class".

INEC provided basic design for this project The series is designed as multipurpose container vessels. Some of the Vessels are geared with 2x40T.

One Hold with folding type hatch cover is fitted.

For carriage of grain, movable grain bulkheads are provided.

The accommodation is fitted for 15 people + 1 Pilot.

Meanwhile INEC provided different support updated documents for these vessels, such as fire control and safety plans and timber stowage plans.

Length over all 100,59 m Deadweight all told 5191 t
Length between p. 95,31 m Cargo tank capacity 7235 m
Breadth moulded 16,20 m Main engine power 3960 KW
Depth to maindeck 8,20 m Speed at design draught 14,50 kn
Draught moulded 6,39 m

Technical Details

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